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TCR-DeepInsight Aims

TCR-DeepInsight is a Deep-learning based framework for clustering TCRs by both Gene expression (GEX) and TCR sequences. It is designed to identify TCRs with similar GEX and TCR sequences, which may share similar functions.

huARdb has been published on Nucleic Acid Research.

Please cite : Xue et al. (2023) Disease associated human TCR characterization by deep-learning framework TCR-DeepInsight. bioRxiv 2023.05.22.541406; doi:

TCR-DeepInsight has been under-reviewing

Please cite : Wu et al. (2021) huARdb: human Antigen Receptor database for interactive clonotype-transcriptome analysis at the single-cell level, Nucleic Acids Research.

Projects: 14
Datasets: 215
GSM: 493
Total cell number: 444,794
Total TCR/BCR chains: 889,588

Interactive TCR-DeepInsight Browser

TCRDeepInsight ond All T cell integration v2

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